50 – 5 (Horrible) Slides You’ll See at a Conference

I’ve definitely seen my fair share of horrible PowerPoint presentations. I’m not gonna name names (mainly because I don’t remember who made them), but I have. In fact, I saw a few a couple weeks ago at a conference which is what sparked this idea. I was gonna do it last week but decided to do Bad TV Week first to make up for the lost week.

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  • Eric R

    You also forgot to mention the too small and too much text slides. The ones that have 7 paragraphs written in size 10 font, on a single slide. Those are fun too.

  • Doug

    Yeah, I thought of that one. But I also didn’t want to come up with all the text to put in it. I suppose if it was small enough, it wouldn’t matter what it was.

    Generally speaking though, those slides don’t come up too often. It’s tiny diagrams you have to worry about because, frankly, very few people will actually read the text you put on the slides no matter how much or how little there is. People only look at the pretty pictures.

  • Marie

    Hmmm… I think you fall into Category 5, while I fall into Category 1.

    But really, black text on white background. Classic. You can’t beat that.

  • Doug

    There’s nothing wrong with black text on a white background, but at least change the font. Do SOMETHING to make it look like you’re trying. Because if you don’t care, I won’t either.

    And I use tasteful animations that make sense. I don’t use them just for the sake of using them. 😛