Perhaps this meme has been beaten to death. Perhaps this joke has even been done before. I dunno. It is more than 2 years old. However, I had the idea of doing this a while ago, so I wrote it down for a rainy day and it is raining outside as I type this (no joke).

I would like to dedicate this to my good friend Andrew who appears in this comic (and this one). He LOVES (read: hates) this meme. This kind of actually happened. I have the chat logs to prove it. As you can see he didn’t ask that many times (only once), and I wasn’t angry. We weren’t even making a website (we were working on a game that took place on the moon, if your curious). But that’s why the tag is SEMIautobiographical and not autobiographical.

It was more of a throwaway joke, but it turned into a better comic than I thought. Especially the last panel. I think I might have a new avatar…

P.S.: If you don’t get the joke, perhaps this will help: