37 – Monkey Bars

The child in the first panel is wearing yellow and blue. Could he possibly be the offspring of Pun Man? Sure. Why not?

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  • Tim

    No ID? What sort of monkey business is this?

  • Jesse

    *I* know I always colour co-ordinate with my dad.

    Also, how much would a banana rum cost? Would it be subsidized?
    This raises all sorts of questions about the monkey economy. I have to get that recent TED talk out of my head.

  • Doug

    Well, if you look at the sign, it costs 5 bananas. Truth be told, I have no idea of the relative cost of liquors. Does rum normally cost more than beer and less than scotch? I don’t drink, so I had to make it up.

    As for the monkey economy, I’m not sure that there’s much logic to it. I mean, the monkey stock market is pretty much just a room full of monkeys yelling “SELL! SELL! SELL!” and flinging poo at each other. Not much sense in that at all.