I call this comic A Different Perspective 2 because I consider it a sequel to my first comic. It might not be as funny, but it’s related nonetheless.

You might not get the first example. It’s funny because IBM’s Toronto Software Lab is on Town Centre Boulevard, or HAL Centre Boulevard as I often mishear it announced on the bus. The letters H-A-L shifted 1 letter to the left in the alphabet is I-B-M. Many people believed that this was how the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the HAL 9000, was named. However, Wikipedia says that this was purely coincidental.

Anyway, the first two examples I hear every once in a while when I’m not paying full attention to it. But I hear the third example every time. If you’re in Toronto, I dare you to take the subway to Finch station and not here them announce “Bitch” station. I dare you.

Oh by the way, that’s my friend/housemate Marie sitting beside me in every panel. She works at IBM with me. This comic takes place on one of the few days she actually goes in. ZING! Of course I’m just kidding. She never goes in. DOUBLE ZING!