15 – The One Where Chandler’s on to Something

I’ve had this idea sitting around for a couple of months, but just finally got around to making it. The whole thing (comic, title, hover text) just came together while watching a Friends rerun one day. It was a magical moment. Unless of course it’s only funny to me, in which case… it wasn’t my idea?

Anyway, I use Bing as my default search engine now. I find it handles simple searches like “puppies” better than Google. I will admit that I do go back to Google from time to time, but that’s mostly for Google News because Bing doesn’t have as good of a news section as Google… yet? Bing’s web crawler also kind of sucks. Searching for “Right Brain Comics” on Bing won’t give you a link here, whereas it’s the first result on Google (at least at the time of this posting). For that reason I often find myself going back to Google when I’m not finding what I’m looking for with Bing. But not too often…

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  • nick


    also, i don’t really get it.

  • nick

    also, Bing’s doing better for your site (although very weirdly)
    query: “right brain comics”
    #2 result is your page on comic rank
    #4 is Tim Ginn’s facebook page where he is a fan of your site

  • Doug