So I’ve caught Olympic fever. How about you? I had a comic planned for this week, but decided to postpone it in favour of an Olympic themed comic while I could.

Anyway, I have an announcement. I’ve opened up an online store! Now you can buy Right Brain Comics merchandise (shirts, mugs, prints and posters). I have a few shirt designs, and I plan on adding a new shirt every month or so. For prints, I’ll probably put them up based on popularity, but if there is a comic that you would like to get a print of, just let me know ( and I’ll put it up there as soon as I can. I have super high resolution originals that can be blown up to pretty much any size you want.

I’m hoping that the store will be a way for me to recoup some of the cost of hosting the site. When you buy something from the store, I automatically get 10% of the profits. In return, Zazzle (the company behind the store) takes care of the printing, shipping, and all the stuff that I don’t want to deal with. They print everything on demand and it usually ships within 24 hours. I hope you’ll consider purchasing something from the store at some point. (This is the part where I make puppy dog eyes).