4 – A Comic for a Menorah-ty

If you’re looking for a joke, there isn’t one. Well, not a very good one, anyway. It’s more of a thought that I decided to flesh out.

This week’s comic goes out to all my Jewish readers, which is at least one of you. Happy Chanukah! If you’re a member of the Jew Crew, speak up in the comments or forever hold your… Judaism. I’m not a member – I belong to the Christian Crowd – I’m just curious.

A Charlie Brown Christmas was my favourite Christmas special growing up. I’ve practically memorized it over the years. A few of my favourite moments:

  • There’s the intimate moment between Lucy and Snoopy:

  • Of course there’s the iconic moment on which this comic is based:

  • I also love the part at the end where they all gather around Snoopy’s house and wave their hands in the air. Then they move over to the tree, wave their hands again and magically make foliage appear where before there was none (the good part is 2:00-2:32):

Watching it again this year, I started thinking about how there aren’t any Chanukah specials (that I’m aware of), which I imagine must suck. That got me thinking of what a Peanuts Chanukah special would look like and the comic was born. I had more in my head, but I thought this worked better as is. The rest was pretty much the same except the Christmas tree was replaced with a menorah. So, just imagine that and you’ve got A Charlie Brown(stein) Chanukah. Though, I somehow doubt that the commercialization of Chanukah is really a problem, but it could explore other themes.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week’s Chanukah comic. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I don’t know how I would have, but it’s always a possibility when religion is involved. Next week – a subject I know more about – Christmas. Hopefully, it’ll turn out as funny as what I have in my head.

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